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Farmland Museum 1969-1992

Above: Visitors watching barn machinery working; oats were crushed (for rabbit food) mangolds sliced (for cattle feed) Joe Haddock

The museum closed at Haddenham in 1992 after 23 years in the garden of 50, High Street and thanks to South Cambridge District Council was put in store; the blacksmith/wheelwrights shop was given to Burwell Museum; the replica saddler's shop (formerly Thurmotts at Ely) was transported to Iron Bridge Gorge and all Haddenham  documents were handed over to the Parish Council.

After 5 years the trustees led by Lady Hughes of Wilburton, and thanks to a Heritage Lottery Grant, a new home was established at Denny Abbey, an English Heritage site off the A10.  Here the Farmland exhibits together with other Cambridgeshire items are on display and the Visitor Centre there is named after the Delanoys.  See brochure or website:

Farmland Museum No20 - side A.mp3 (MP3 25.9Mb)

Farmland Museum No20 - side A.wav (original wave file 286Mb)


Farmland Museum No20 - side B.mp3 (MP3 28.3Mb)

Farmland Museum No20 - side B.wav (original wave file 313Mb)


Above: Vintage car outside newly-built Blacksmith Shop at Farmland Museum 1972. Keith the blacksmith and the Delanoy Boys are at the left

Above: Two Old boys (Johnny Wright and Jack Keridge) yarning at the Farmland Museum 1979, contemporaries of Joe Haddock. Thulborn Brothers

Above: Group of helpers at Farmland Museum in special costume for Blossom and Bygone Day 1986 Jean Richards

Above: Charles Bester introducing Clement and Jill Freud who "opened" the Bygones Building in 1976

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