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George Amory

Interviewer Kevin Delanoy c1978

GEORGE AMORY (Wooler). Topsy Story (What's she had two?). Vets horse struck by lightening. Saddlers, horse breeding
stallions to serve mares. Brick works near Haddenham Station. Rail to St Ives. Over half an hour of very good conversation of life before WWII

Above: Haddenham Railway Station.  Closed in 1962

G Amory tape 1 Side A.mp3 (MP3 28,1Mb)

G Amory tape 1 Side A.wav (original wave file 310Mb)


Interviewer Kevin Delanoy. Harvesting with scythes. Pete Day mowing 14 acres in a week. Bog oaks. Leaving school at 13. Tooting and trandling. Chatting with George and Fred Woolstenholmes

G Amory tape 1 Side B.mp3 (MP3 25.5Mb)

G Amory tape 1 Side B.wav (original wave file 281Mb)


G Amory tape 2 Side A.mp3 (MP3 19.1Mb)

G Amory tape 2 Side A.wav (original wave file 212Mb) - no side B.


G Amory tape 3 Side A.mp3 (MP3 24.5Mb)

G Amory tape 3 Side A.wav (original wave file 271Mb)


G Amory tape 3 Side B.mp3 (MP3 24.5Mb)

G Amory tape 3 Side B.wav (original wave file 271Mb)


Interviewer Kevin Delanoy c 1979

Hill Row. George Amory and Fred Woolstanholmes. Drainage rates story. Left school at 12. Both worked as Agricultural Labourers at 3 shillings per week. Story of goat and mole catching.

Drainage Story A.mp3 (MP3 28.6Mb)

Drainage Story A.wav (original wave file 316Mb)


Drainage Story B.mp3 (MP3 29Mb)

Drainage Story B.wav (original wave file 320Mb)


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