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Woman's Work is Never done

Jean Richards, a real countrywoman, interviewed by Paul Melton in 1985

Above: Skeletons found at Three Kings and on display at Blossoms and Bygones Day at museum in 1992

Jean recalls her time as a Land Army worker in the second world war. She was an active member of the Farmland Friends and was responsible for its formation and charitable status. She received an MBE for her work with the Ugandan immigrants in the Seventies. Her role as area organiser for the Citizen Advice Bureau brought her to Haddenham where she continued to live upon retirement. Bee keeping and as a lay reader at Holy Trinity Church together with involvement at the Farm Land Museum filled her days .

Above: "Hadnam on The Hill" by Jean M Richards.

Jean Richards 19850930 - Side A.mp3 (MP3 27.8Mb)

Jean Richards 19850930 - Side A.wav (original wave file 307Mb)


Jean Richards 19850930 - Side B.mp3 (MP3 27.6Mb)

Jean Richards 19850930 - Side B.wav (original wave file 305Mb)


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