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Len Burton, a fine horseman, interviewed by Kevin Delanoy in 1979

Len Burton lived in Hill Row all his life. Len was a typical Fen Farmer whose life revolved round horses. His family bred them for export and were judges of the Shire breed. He was chair of Parish Council (see interview on BBC Cambridge Radio). He gave funding for the formation of the Day Centre for older people and as a younger man was a founder member of the Haddenham Branch of the Young Farmers' Movement and a county bowls player.

Above: Grass cutting.

Len Burton - Side A.mp3 (MP3 26.1Mb)

Len Burton - Side A.wav (original wave file 288Mb)


Len Burton - Side B.mp3 (MP3 25.3Mb)

Len Burton - Side B.wav (original wave file 279Mb)


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